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Robotics within the Academic Curriculum

Robotics proves to be a great ally to Mathematics or Physics due to its power to unleash young people's imagination and creativity. Thus, the development of robotic devices for various purposes can be used to clarify abstract concepts that are often difficult for children to grasp. (Vega, J. 2014).

The incorporation of robotics into the school curriculum is an excellent way to promote hands-on learning, critical thinking, and creativity among students. Here are some reasons why robotics can be beneficial within the school curriculum:

To implement robotics in the school curriculum, different approaches can be considered. This can include creating robotics clubs, integrating robotics into the science and mathematics curriculum, participating in school-level robotics competitions, or incorporating robotics kits in the classroom. It is important to have the support of adequate resources and training for teachers and ensure that students have access to the necessary materials and infrastructure.